The Dauphin Amateur Radio Club

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Welcome to the Dauphin Amateur Radio Club 

We have 8 repeaters linked together to cover 

a large area of central Manitoba

Swan River VE4SRR 146.940- battery backup IRLP# 1700

Baldy MTN VE4BMR 147.030- battery backup

Russell       VE4BVR 147.240+ battery backup

Ashern        VE4SHR 146.700-

Windy Hill   VE4WHR 145.450- solar power

Basswood   VE4BAS  145.150- 127.3T

Lundar         VE4LDR  146.970-

Woodlands   VE4SIX   145.430- 127.3T

Rice Creek    VE4RCR 146.610- proposed site